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Achieve a natural-looking, flawless and luminous complexion with Osmosis CC Cream!

This creamy, lightweight tinted moisturizer features natural color-correcting mineral pigments to brighten and even your skin tone with lifting and hydrating benefits. Perfect for everyday, this is the ideal one-step makeup with skincare benefits to boot.  UV filters offer sun protection while diffusing skin discolorations; japanese fruit extract helps to further slow down the effects of…

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Keep or Trash: Makeup Expiration Dates

Germs lurk in old makeup…resolve now to spring-clean your makeup drawer with these expiration guidelines! MASCARA:  its liquid consistency makes it susceptible to bacteria and its close proximity to the eye can lead to possible infections.  Replace every 3 months. LIQUID LINER:  similar concerns as mascara; replace every 6 months. PENCIL EYELINERS:  good for up…

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