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Keep or Trash: Makeup Expiration Dates

Make-up Set. CollageGerms lurk in old makeup…resolve now to spring-clean your makeup drawer with these expiration guidelines!

MASCARA:  its liquid consistency makes it susceptible to bacteria and its close proximity to the eye can lead to possible infections.  Replace every 3 months.

LIQUID LINER:  similar concerns as mascara; replace every 6 months.

PENCIL EYELINERS:  good for up to 2 years providing you are sharpening your pencil with each use to keep it fresh.

FOUNDATION:   bid “sayonara” if you notice any changes in smell, color or texture; most foundations will last up to a year, but if you are acne/blemish prone, best to replace every 6 months.

CONCEALER:  liquid based; 1 year, powder-based; 2 years

LIPSTICK:  a long lasting relationship; 2 years.  Discard when it becomes dry or changes color.

LIPGLOSS:  due to its liquid consistency and potential for bacteria to form sooner, best to toss after 1 year.

POWDER, BLUSH, BRONZER, EYESHADOW:  powder-based products have 2 years shelf life with regular and diligent cleaning of applicators and brushes.

Keep track of expiration dates by writing the date of purchase with a sharpie marker on the bottom of each product.