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Signature Skincare Treatments

Essential Refresher Facial: Fruit enzymes and ultrasonic exfoliation/infusion form the basis of this comprehensive 80 mins treatment. Includes a finishing mask, extractions, and a hand-arm and facial massage. 80 mins/$140-150

The Works Facial: An advanced rejuvenating treatment which utilizes a combination of proven modalities, techniques and professional products to treat the face, neck and décolleté. Includes extractions and 3 relaxing massages.
2 hours plus/175-$190

BA-FACIAL: Just like the skin on your face, your back needs attention, too.
The Ba-Facial is beneficial for anyone who is prone to breakouts and clogged pores as well as skin that is dry and sensitive.
This clarifying and relaxing treatment entails deep cleansing, exfoliation, extractions and a moisturizing massage to restore the overall texture, tone and balance of your skin, followed by 15 mins of Led Light Therapy.
60 mins/ $125-150

SUPER FACIALS (for immediate, visible results)

OSMOSIS MD FACIAL INFUSION, NON-ACID PEEL, Non-Chemical Peel/Dermal Therapy: Take your skin to it’s highest potential with this revolutionary dermal rejuvenating system.
Facial Infusion is a medical grade, non-acid peel that delivers long term benefits with no downtime or trauma to the skin.
Osmosis’ premier professional treatment uses the most potent form of Vitamin A (2.5% Retinaldehyde), high-dose active ingredients and a pharmaceutical-grade delivery system to generate a 30-day collagen activation. Provides the ultimate in dermal remodeling through increased circulation, revitalized cellular turnover, improved hydration and boosted immunity. All skin types benefit from this holistic approach to skin rejuvenation.
An enzyme mask, extractions and a facial and décolleté-neck massage are included.
90 mins/$165

EPICUREN SIGNATURE FACIAL: Experience unparalleled results in just one treatment with Epicuren’s award-winning Signature Facial. A unique combination of proteins and B vitamins activate vital energy necessary for healthy cellular function, dramatically enhancing the appearance of skin tone and texture. An advanced stimulating peel is coupled with layers of skin-tightening masks, which are systematically applied to the skin to mimic an aerobic and toning workout for the face, improving muscle tone, firmness and elasticity.
90 mins/$165

EPICUREN BI-PEEL RESURFACER: Epicuren®’s uniquely formulated Intel-Release Professional Peels utilize an advanced delivery system to slowly release exfoliating acids into the skin, reducing the potential for acute inflammation and irritation.
The Bi-Peel is perfect for individuals concerned with dehydration and hyperpigmentation. Maximum strength Lactic Acid provides a gentle exfoliation while Glycerin and Trehalose keep skin calm and soothed.
Results are evident in 1 treatment. Dramatic results are also achieved when this facial is given in a series and accompanied by a proper home care regime. Includes extractions and a hand-arm massage.
60-75 mins/$125-150


Eyebrow Shaping $36
Eyebrow Clean-up $20
Lash & Brow Tint $60
Lash Tint $40
Brow Tint $25

"SKIN CLASSIC" SERVICE: A quick, effective and affordable non-laser treatment for minor skin imperfections, such as skin tags. Thermolysis current is used to dehydrate superficial layers of the skin condition to allow for new healthy skin regrowth.
15-20 mins session/$125