Do You Know the Difference? Hydrators verses Moisturizers

Both hydrators and moisturizers address the importance of optimizing the skin’s moisture level to combat dehydrated and dry skin, however, these are 2 different types of products formulated to serve a different purpose.

Dehydrated skin lacks water and needs to be hydrated.
Hydrating agents include:
 Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Vera,
Honey, Alpha hydroxyl acid, Glycerin, Seaweed.

Dry skin lacks oil and needs be moisturized.
Mosturizing agents include:
 vegetable oils, butters, ceramides, silicones,
fatty alcohols, petroleum jelly, mineral oils, beeswax, olive oil,
silicones, lanolin, and zinc oxide. 

In a nutshell, hydrators bind water into the skin while moisturizers
prevent that water from leaving the skin, that’s why it’s important to
apply your hydrating products first. 

Incorporate a hydrator into your daily routine!  Not only will it enhance the appearance of your skin but it will also increase the power of your moisturizer.  This winning combo creates a healthy balance for dehydrated and dehydrated-dry skin.

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What’s red, glossy, tangy, tart and unbelievably SO good for your skin?

Arctic Cranberry Wintermint Facial

Come winter with me on my table and reap the amazing anti-aging beauty benefits of cranberries for glowing, supple skin!

This seasonal treatment uses the power of cranberry fruit and cranberry seed oil for a super-boost of antioxidants and a perfect ratio of omega-rich oils, which enables effortless, deep absorption into the skin.

The Cranberry Enzyme mask also contains exfoliating alpha hydroxyl acids and natural skin lightners.

Mellow out and relax with the cooling sensation of peppermint in this ultra-hydrating Wintermint mask.

Perfect for normal to dry skin. This 75 minute/$125.00 Facial, includes sonic exfoliation, extractions, décolleté/facial massage.

Valentine’s Special: Dark Chocolate Coconut Facial

Valentine’s Day Special: $85

1 hour; includes sonic exfoliation and facial massage. Add-ons available. Special pricing through February.

The Day Devoted to Love

It’s right around the corner...the day devoted to love. Whether you have a romantic date, or would like to gift your loved ones, I can’t wait to help you or your special someone look and feel beautiful!

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Gift Certificates Available

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This decadent duo combines the sweetness of coconut and the rich aroma and texture of dark chocolate! Suitable for all skin types, this facial will reveal softer, smoother skin as well as intensively hydrate and tone the skin.

Coconut and Papaya enzymes dissolve dead skin cells revealing fresh and soft skin. The smaller molecular structure of coconut allow for easy absorption through the skin.

The Dark Chocolate finishing mask contains cocoa, glycerin and squalene, excellent emollients and humectants to draw moisture to dry, flaky skin.  Vitamin E provides excellent anti-aging anti-oxidants.

Treat your Valentine and yourself to this scrumptious facial feast!

NEW Skincare Tools Arriving! The Eye Rejuvenator

NEW Skincare Tools Arriving!
The Eye Rejuvenator

Awaken tired eyes, reduce puffiness, and eliminate dark under eye circles with safe, relaxing, and quick & easy microcurrent treatments. The Eye Rejuvenator uses scientifically proven microcurrent technology to increase oxygen and blood circulation and to improve the fibroblast activity which speeds up natural collagen production to the delicate eye area while also increasing product permeability of eye creams and serums. This tool is as much preventative for anti-aging as it is corrective for age reversal.

Price: $115

Contact me for more information or try it out at your next appointment.


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Introducing My Skin Buddy 6x
One powerful Device, 4 Proven Technologies, and 6 Amazing Benefits.

MYSKINBUDDY™ is the ultimate facial solution combining four proven technologies to help achieve a clearer complexion, brighter and even skin tone , and a more youthful appearance.

Four Proven Technologies

  1. LED Light Therapy The beneficial wavelengths of Light Emitting Diode Therapy (LED) have been proven and shown to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, fight bacteria that leads to acne, reduce redness and promote brighten­ing and even skin tone.
  2. Ion Care Gently, yet effectively, positively-charged ions work to attract and pull impurities from the skin while negatively-charged ions enhance product penetration.
  3. Ultrasonic Vibration The power of 8000+ ultrasonic vibrations per minute, the user is able to enjoy a soothing mini massage while breaking up dead skin skills, lifting, firming and tightening the skin.
  4. Thermal Heat Therapy The combination of heat with the deep cleansing ions aids in emulsifying dirt and oil so that it can easily be swept away. Thermal heat therapy has also been shown to improve with skin tightening, promoting more oxygen to the cells by improving blood circulation and shrinking pore size.

Six Amazing Benefits

  1. Enhance product penetration
  2. Reduce redness and inflammation
  3. Stimulate collagen, lift and tighten skin
  4. Deeply cleanse and gently exfoliate skin
  5. Reduce appearance of lines and wrinkles
  6. Kills P acnes bacteria that leads to acne

MYSKINBUDDY™ is gentle and safe to use twice per day. For optimal and long lasting results, use 2-3 times per week.

Price: $264




pumpkin-orangeFor the love of fall, treat your face with the quintessential fruit of the season, pumpkin, and it’s skinsational benefits!

Bursting with fall fragrances, this advanced treatment features a 15% pumpkin-orange enzyme boosted with lactic acid.  Often referred to as “nature’s natural collagen,” pumpkin contains the highest content of Vitamin A and Beta-Carotene of any fruit, along with significant amounts of zinc.  The naturally occurring enzymes in pumpkin dissolve dead skin cells while removing toxins deep within the pores.  Paired with our Autumn Spice finishing mask; it contains nutmeg to sooth, cinnamon for increased circulation and glycerin and mushroom extract for added moisture.

This anti-aging and super-nourishing treatment will brighten and soften your complexion to reveal a more-even skin-tone.  Includes sonic exfoliation, light extractions, and a relaxing décolleté and facial massage.

Duration: 80 mins
Cost:  $120

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  • RevitaLash Lash Conditioner, 3.5 ml; Normally $150; ON SALE FOR $119
  • RevitaBrow Brow Conditioner, 3.0 ml; Normally $110; ON SALE FOR $89
  • Voluming Mascara; Normally $24; ON SALE FOR $19
  • Volumizing Primer; Normally $24;  ON SALE FOR $19
  • Tinted Brow Gel; Normally $32; ON SALE FOR $25
  • Dual Ended Mascara; Normally $28; ON SALE FOR $22

The RevitaPen

revitapenEnhance your facial treatment with a non-invasive device that significantly increases product efficacy to produce visible, immediate results with long lasting benefits.


The Revitapen is a professional grade aesthetic implement using nano-technology. It works by creating pathways in the skin, allowing active ingredients to be driven deep for optimal skin restoration. Finally, we have a pain-free solution in skin care that targets and treats the deeper, needful layers of the skin, where aging and other skin conditions originate.

The Revitapen Facial immediately helps to improve skin tone, texture, firmness, and hydration. You will emerge looking amazingly radiant, with the full benefits of this facial having just begun.
Whether you want to look your best tonight or for a big event six weeks from now, the Revitapen is for you!

Recommended for all skin types except inflamed or open breakouts.


  • Gentle exfoliation
  • Improved firmness
  • Reduction in pore size and blemishes
  • Improvement in texture, diminish in scar tissue
  • Reduction in fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, hyperpigmentation and inflammation

The RevitaPen Facial Package
Get the best results from the RevitaPen treatment with three or more sessions

Facial Includes:

  • Enzyme Mask
  • Revitapen customized treatment with a non-chemical peel and / or targeted serums according to your skin’s needs.
  • Facial massage
  • Finishing mask

Time: 60 mins
Buy three or more for $115 each*
Regularly $125 each

*Must pre-pay for at least three facials. In order to get the best results all treatment series must be used every 2-3 weeks in order to honor the discount.

Add the RevitaPen Treatment to Any Facial for $49
Please refrain from using any form of prescription Vitamin A products or high percentages of glycolic or salicylic acid 2 weeks prior to your treatment. For facial waxing, please wait 48 hours.


This is what people are saying about the RevitaPen
“I have seen a significant different in my skins texture and appearance in just three treatments. I have also noticed the dark patches from my pregnancy have finally faded, after having them for 7 years!” K.A.

Achieve a natural-looking, flawless and luminous complexion with Osmosis CC Cream!

Untitled-1This creamy, lightweight tinted moisturizer features natural color-correcting mineral pigments to brighten and even your skin tone with lifting and hydrating benefits.
Perfect for everyday, this is the ideal one-step makeup with skincare benefits to boot.  UV filters offer sun protection while diffusing skin discolorations; japanese fruit extract helps to further slow down the effects of free radicals on the skin.
CC cream goes on smoothly and works beautifully on all skin types. It feels like you’re not wearing makeup, but enhances your complexion naturally, resulting in a radiant contemporary look.

Wonderfully sheer to medium coverage; your skin will love it!

Cherry Cordial Facial

cherry-chocolate Love is in the air with this perfectly matched cherry and chocolate-mint duo!

This scrumptious pairing features a cherry enzyme that is packed with potent antioxidants and brightening ingredients, making it ideal for sun-damaged and hyperpigmented skin.  Lactic and mandelic acids provide gentle, effective exfoliation; kojic and arbutin have excellent lightening capabilities.

The dark chocolate mask will indulge your senses while promoting deep hydration to dry-flaky skin; cocoa, glycerin and squalene offer superlative moisturizing benefits.

February special:  75 mins/$105;  includes sonic exfoliation and decollete massage


orange-spiceOrange Clove Facial

Orange Zest Enzyme and Vanilla Clove Hydrating Mask

Get your skin glowing and ready for the Holidays with the enticing aromas of oranges, cloves and vanilla. These memorable seasonal scents come together to create a delicious and nutritious treat that will leave your skin sparkling for days to come!

The featured Orange Zest enzyme provides a boost of Vitamin C and brightens the skin with lactic and glycolic acids while the Vanilla Clove mask is packed with antioxidants and hydration. A perfect anti-aging facial designed to gently exfoliate and replenish moisture.

Includes a relaxing, soothing facial/décolleté massage, sonic exfoliation, and light extractions. 75 mins/$105.00

Available 12/1/15-12/31/15