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Triple Current Technology

Triple Current Technology/Electroporation

A better pathway to deeper product penetration…

“The Enhancer,” similar to needle-free mesotherapy, uses a low level pulsating current to create transient pores in the skin that act as a pathway through which topical products can be delivered into the deeper layers of the skin.   The application of the current on the skin’s surface momentarily disrupts the cell membrane, dramatically increasing skin permeability, thus allowing entry of product.  Once the current ceases, the temporary micro-channels close leaving the product trapped inside.

We can penetrate brightening, lightening, hydrating and firming products much deeper to help improve hydration, fine lines, pigmentation and lax skin.  Additionally, there is low levels of micro-current and radio frequency, processes that stimulate your skin to enable muscle toning and the production of collagen and elastin, leaving your skin noticeably energized and tightened.

Incorporate this 15-20 minute service with any facial for a dynamic anti-aging treatment!

Cost:  $25.00