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Epicuren Discovery®

Reprograms dermal skin cells to self-rejuvenate.  “Aerobics for the skin”  Natural/Organic 

2 oz Six-Step Facial System KitEpicuren® is different:  The Metadermabolic Enzyme.
The Epicuren® protein- enzyme solution, Metadermabolic, separates this skin care from all others in the world.  This unique complex is easily recognized and accepted by your skin.  It encourages skin cells to self-rejuvenate by stimulating the skin’s normal chemical reactions, similar to how exercise improves your metabolism and cellular activity.

These highly active enzymes rapidly increase the metabolism and cellular memory of dermal cells, reprogramming the skin cells to use more energy.  The Epicuren® enzymes provide bio-available nutrients to support and maintain a healthy skin environment allowing new emerging cells to embody healthy characteristics.

Epicuren® has successfully recreated an ageless environment on the skin’s surface utilizing a unique enzyme that constantly regenerates new cells and promotes rapid healing to resist the effects of aging. Skin treated with Epicuren® enzymes become healthier and more vibrant with enhanced elasticity, textural clarity and skin tone resulting in a profound aesthetic improvement.

Epicuren® enzyme products and treatments are ideal for all skin types and conditions, and particularly beneficial for sun damaged, mature and anti-aging skin concerns.  They are used by cosmetic surgeons, dermatologists and skin care professionals around the world.

2 oz Gel Plus Enzyme Protein GelFeatured Products

  • Enzymes The heart of the Epicuren® line
  • Skin Conditioner Enzyme Toner. Hydrates for maximum utilization of the Enzyme concentrate
  • Enzyme Concentrate. The Signature Product. Dramatically improves elasticity and color tone
  • Gel Plus Enzyme Protein Gel. Helps firming, reduces and smooth severe facial lines and wrinkles

2.5 oz Apricot Cream CleanserCleansers

  • Herbal Cleanser. Mild, moisturizing. For dry, delicate or sun damaged skin. Will not strip skin
  • Citrus Herbal Cleanser. Dissolves excess oil. Superior sudsing. For combination and oily skin
  • Gelle Cleanser. Antibacterial. Deep cleanses oil or problem skin. Inhibits oil production and bacteria

0.50 oz Bip Peptide Complex SerumAnti-Aging

  • Alpha Lipoic Omega Serum. Increases firmness. Exfoliates. Moisturizes. Rejuvenates. Diminishes fine lines and uneven skin tones
  • Pro Collagen + Serum Amplifier. Age-fighting. Tightens. Amplifies collagen synthesis, youthful appearance

2.5 oz Ultra Rose Treat Enzyme MoisturizerMoisturizers

  • Skin Rejuvenation Therapy. Rich emulsion with powerful anti-oxidants and growth factors; accelerates cell rejuvenation
  • Brazilian Propolis Serum Moisturizer. Replenishes skin’s immune system
  • Colustrum Cream Serum. Patented. Regulates oil, regenerates cells, supports skin’s immune system
  • Facial Emulsion Enzyme Moisturizer. Lightweight hydration containing enzymes
  • Evening Emulsion Enzyme. Moisturizes deeply with enzymes
  • Bulgarian Rose Otto. Superior humectant. Hydrates without clogging

2.5 oz X-Treme Cream Sunscreen SPF 45Sun Protection

  • Zinc Oxide Sunscreen, SPF 20. Sunscreen and moisturizer with enzymes for added protection
  • Xtreme Cream Sunscreen, SPF 45.  Soothing, anti-inflammatory, moisturizing; prevents windburn.